Blossom Goodchild – Direct Voice Channeller & Author (people)

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The below quoted directly from Blossoms website where you can see her latest messages and conversations with The Federation of Light, an ‘Off World’ Conscious Light Energy (with whom Blossom began communication in 2005) and 'White Cloud', the Native American Indian Spirit with whom Blossom has had almost 20 years of contact.

"The secret to an abundant life filled with Love, Light and Laughter is being offered to you by White Cloud, a Native American Spirit Energy and The Federation Of Light, an ‘off world’ conscious Light Energy, who bring their messages through Blossom, in these exciting times of GREAT CHANGE. Their messages of compassion for humanity, love and wisdom allow the soul to thrive and now world renowned.

We all have challenges to face, yet, by putting their teachings into practise, we find ourselves viewing our lives from an inspirational perspective. As our attitude and outlook change, so too, a change in ourselves takes place. From deep within we begin to recognise who we Truly are, and coming from that KNOWING, our daily lives miraculously transform.

Because of this transformation within, Blossom, White Cloud and The Federation Of Light are on a mission to assist others in finding their True Inner Being and their purpose for Being here on Earth, in a physical manifestation, at this time.

May your soul enjoy the journey as you travel through this site and may your heart be touched by the Love that is offered. May you be reminded of wisdom that is already known by you and above all … may you, through these teaching, learn to Love yourself in a way that you never thought possible."