Dr Sherri Tenpenny – COVID Course (education)

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The below is quoted directly from Dr Sherri Tenpenny’s website vaccineu.com >> “Our courses on vaccines include  individual vaccines, vaccine ingredients vaccine politics and more. Our courses on language training and overall health are designed to be APPLICABLE in every area of your life. You will gain the CONFIDENCE you seek to make correct choices for you and your family. …

Make Australia Healthy Again (organisation)

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15 Feb 2021 – Class Action in the High Court of Australia – No to coercive and mandatory vaccination and loss of rights. Read more here >> The below quoted directly from the Make Australia Healthy Again website>> “Let’s make our children safe The Australian Government is now coercing Australians to inject poisonous untested vaccines (see our Press Release on …

Kingdom of Manna (sovereignty)

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Australian Sovereignty Organisations Quoted from kingdomofmanna.global website “The Kingdom of Manna is officially an independent sovereign nation, with sovereignty originally being recognised in 714 BCE by the Assyrian Kingdom, and in modern times by multiple nations globally. The Kingdom of Manna originally existed in ancient times with a rich cultural history deeply rooted in art, science, medicine, agriculture, animal husbandry …

Australian Vaccination Conditional Acceptance to Offer (letter)

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This letter should be used to inform the government that you accept their offer to vaccinate you and advise under what conditions you accept. It requires a response from government which, if not provided, implies their agreement with your offer Click/tap here to download this document [doc id=180]

Qantas Letter Conditional Acceptance to Offer (letter)

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You can use this letter to inform Qantas that you will accept their offer to vaccinate you before traveling on their airline providing they agree to certain conditions. Click/tap to download this document >> [doc id=181]