My Will Letters

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The whole system of Parliament, and the SOLE reason for its existence, is to make laws for the people, with the clear implication that those laws will reflect the written WILL of the people on the subject matter of those laws. It is your lawful duty and obligation to keep your Members and Senators fully informed about what your WILL is upon an issue or matter that comes before them in their Houses of Parliament, or that should come before them. If the houses of Parliament disregard the written WILL of the people on any matter, then the people have the legal power, and responsibility, to directly inform the Queen. Ultimately, it is the legal privilege of the people to ask the Queen to dissolve the House so that they, the people, may proceed to the election of a fresh set of Parliamentarians.

Using our pro-forma templates you can inform your Members and Senators of your WILL by editing the documents listed below.

Click/tap the links to visit the pages where you can download each MY WILL document and edit accordingly before dispatching – each letter has instructions which you should delete from the doc before sending:

Vaccine passport – My Will Letter notice of non-consent and objection to the roll-out, use and mandate of the digital vaccine passport – Click/tap to read and download the letter >>
Pedophiles Suppression Orders – My Will Letter to notify of objection to, and request the lifting of, 28 suppression orders of high profile pedophiles Click/tap to read and download the letter >>
QR Check In codes – (COVIDSafe type apps) My Will Letter notice of non-consent to, and objection to, the collection of personal data and any mandate to enforce Click/tap to read more download the letter >>