Tom Barnett (commentator)

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Tom Barnett
Holistic Health Practitioner - SW RICHMOND (BYRON BAY) ELECTORATE - Federal Election 18th May 2019
Politicians are renowned for their words.
Tom prefers action over words, questions over answers, common sense over pseudo-science, and the right to freedom of choice over an extortionist dictatorship.  Electing politicians to change politics is an antiquated approach.  Tom is the antithesis of the current system, which means that he’s the perfect person to effect change.
Tom is a holistic health practitioner. He studied biomedical science before undertaking the teachings of natural medicine, nutrition, physical therapy, high performance conditioning and psychology.
Having missed out on much of his 20s and 30s due to vaccine and amalgam damage, he is passionate about our right to a healthy internal and external environment.  More than anything, Tom supports informed choice and sovereignty under common law.
Tom understands our constitutional rights and how they differ from corporate statutes.  His knowledge and experience in health and human rights is an invaluable asset to everyone that desires a free and healthy society.