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Its Your Journey

If you are visiting this website to seek a way forward you are embarking on a journey that has some associated risks. It will be scary, exciting, and ultimately liberating. Once you are on the way to recovering your sovereignty and freedom we hope you will feel obliged to help others and become a guide for others who need an arm to lean on. In the coming days, months, and years people will need a lot of support and as they too awaken.

You are Awake

Those who are awakened are charged with the responsibility of joining together and holding up the flame; to be part of the grassroots movement that will bring down the powerful but few who have dictated how we live for so long. The first task we have is to demonstrably free ourselves from the shackles of tyranny.

Recent History

Early 2020 marked the public launch of the globalist elite’s most openly transparent attack on our lives, freedoms, and sovereign rights. The mysterious Georgia Guidestones tell us in unambiguous language what the elite really want and what is in store for us if we do not resist if we continue to comply. The stones tell us that we are spoiling the verdant view for the privileged few – the 1%. They refer to us as the ‘useless eaters’. We are simply in the way and since we have no use or purpose the way to save the planet is to cull the world population down to a manageable 500 million. Never in our history have natural men and women been closer to the eugenic ‘final solution’.

Control by Narrative

Over the last 150 years, we have fallen under the propaganda spells planned and wrought by industrialists, government corporations, oligarchs, and tech giants. Our lives have been controlled in every way possible and we have let this happen. Economies are controlled and manipulated by bankers and their friends in government to create wealth for themselves and to suppress our progress, creativity, and evolution.

Economic Slavery

Buying a home is now something most can only do by borrowing beyond any realistic ability to pay back. Property prices no longer match the actual indexed value of real estate. Consumer goods prices are arbitrarily and artificially inflated to add to the daily difficulties we face so that what we pay seldom correlates with what we buy. Through programmed consumerism, we compete on brands and styles and conspicuous consumption. We are constantly in search of some kind of competitive advantage over others whilst at the same time seeking approval and acceptance.

Our Worth

All the issues we face have been purposely planned and executed to motivate us into voluntarily debt and slavery and isolation. To the globalist elite, we represent both indentured labor, and ironically, a source of income as these same creatures trade on our birth certificates and tax file numbers to make even more profits. Each human chattel (you) is worth up to US$45 million in their full life time as tradable commodity. Meanwhile, alcohol and recreational drugs are available for us to abuse in seeking solace for our pitiful situation providing we consume with moderation.

Privacy, Stress, Disunity

We have had our privacy invaded to the point where we have none, we are taxed beyond reason for every transaction, we are constantly being fined for non-compliance, we work 2 or 3 jobs simply to keep up with basic living costs. In addition, we have been divided across race, color, sexuality, age, faith, class, wealth, professions, branding, education, and more. Its not surprising that many of us can no longer form long term meaningful relationships. Personal dialogues seem to contain more aggression and disrespect. Suicides are steeply on the rise.

Family Breakdown

Parents have been programmed to barely tolerate their children, children are programmed not to need parents and to disrespect them. All types of media at all levels are complicit in delivering this divisive narrative and the education system is designed to reinforce and normalize segregation, bullying, fear, pointless competition, distrust, separatism, hate, destruction of culture, and so many other communist doctrine and social directions that have become somehow ’normal’. Women and men have been de-sexed like dogs and cats – its a metaphor.

Human Toxicity

Add to toxic relationships a diet of unhealthy foods, environmental toxins designed to dumb us down, drugs and so-called medicines that do more harm than good, low-frequency entertainment meant to suppress our creativity, the breakdown of societal values, self-centering and self-hate, mutual disrespect and mistrust, loss of connection between men and women and with each other generally, it is no wonder we have lost ourselves to the matrix.

Don’t say you weren’t warned!

The modern period leading up to this time has been abundantly laden with rich clues and signals for those who have been watching. The dark forces have shown themselves for the final battles. We have been carefully divided and soon will be conquered if we continue to let others dictate how we live, love, prosper and evolve and whether our children and grandchildren will even survive. In this infowar the missiles fired at us have a COVID warhead, the payload is fear, and the deathly fallout is a mandatory medical intervention designed to reduce the world population by as much as 85%.

We can only save ourselves by no longer acquiescing and acting to establish our rightful place at the top of the hierarchical order.