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Up until April 2020 we had a successful online business that had been running for 5 years. 3 months into the plandemic our business was gone - destroyed by the locking down of freight movement across the world. Since that time we have worked to understand and share the truth and to build the freedom movement. We recently took a break from our ongoing efforts in the good fight to focus attention on our new businesses which after 18 months we are pleased to report are up and running!

We would love to see you visit us at our online stores and better still make a purchase. By doing so you will support us and at the same time contribute to your own health and wellness.

The globalists are aggressively pushing their one world ideas on us, much of it unavoidable - EMF (4G, 5G etc), poisoned water, polluted air, controlled weather, toxic food chains and 'fallout' from the jabs.

The products we sell respond directly and indirectly to many of the challenges currently facing humanity and offer real solutions based in solid science.

We want a safe healthy future for ourselves, our children and loved ones - free from coercion and tyranny. One way we can all push back is by choosing how we spend our hard earned money.

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Shungite's amazing & scientifically proven track record:

  • Neutralises EMF, purifies water, aids health
  • Converts artificial EMF's into biologically compatible frequencies
  • Protects from ionizing radiation, non-ionizing radiation (including EMFs) and geopathic stress
  • Eliminates free radicals (antioxidant effects, reduced cellular damage)
  • Antibacterial and antiviral
  • Antihistamine (suppressing allergies)
  • Contributes to slowing cancer cell growth
  • Relieves pain & discomfort
  • Boosts immune response for faster healing and tissue regeneration
  • Enhances detoxification
  • Purifies water by neutralising and converting toxins to harmless elements
  • Bonds to many elements including chemicals, volatile organic compounds, drugs, chlorine, fluoride, and radioactive particles
  • Kills a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, phages and other pathogens
  • Neutralises a significant number of toxins due to its massive hydrogen content, making it very effective for water purification.

Other benefits reported include success in treating for high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, respiratory tract infections, diabetes, gastrointestinal conditions, skin conditions such as psoriasis, and faster recovery for cancer patients following radiation therapy. Shungite is effective for depression, trauma and all sorts of mental/emotional problems. Shungite has undergone many clinical studies e.g. a study at National University of Pharmacy in Ukraine found a significant drop in liver inflammation among hepatitis patients drinking shungite fullerene water.

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