Check In QLD App (10Apr21) – Opinion

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The COVIDSafe app seems to have a new and friendlier name at least in Queensland. The warm and cuddly ‘Check In Qld’ app is being rolled out across the Sunshine State and looks set to replace the impersonally named, and in any case now passé,  ‘COVIDSafe’ app which has run its course. There are virtually no more cases of the plague to be found or invented over a year down the track however the desire to track and trace is a strong as ever. The purveyors of this draconian measure want us to think of it as simply a ‘just in case’ – really there to continue to keep us all ‘COVID Safe’.
Fortunately the 1988 Privacy Act – Section 94H still gives us some protection and recourse from being obliged to use the app if we do not wish to.
Because of its startling similarity we think its fair to say that the Check In Qld app, despite its name change for Queensland, will be continue to be covered by the Act which applies when venues or businesses insist on the download and/or use of the COVIDSafe app for entry and then refuse  entry or service for non-compliance.
As with the COVID Safe app you can remind business owners and their employees that they may not want to enforce directives or mandates that risk 5 years in prison and/or a $66,600 fine.The fine it should be understood will go into the government coffers!
Completely free from liability, the federal, state and local governments (via the captive mainstream media) simply broadcast unwritten directives that have place enormous pressure on small business to be the enforcers ‘or else’ thus placing them directly in the legal firing line. Unfortunately ignorance of the law has seldom been any kind of defense.
The ACTION we are suggesting is that everyone make it their civic duty to help local businesses stay in business. Please do this in a nice way if possible. We want to help these businesses stay open – they are our community, our neighbours, and in many cases friends.
They need us and we need them but they are being duped by the Government and put in danger of closure through their ignorance. The cost of one or two lawsuits could put many of them out of business very quickly. We should all stress that this is not what we want. These business owners and their staff can become our allies if handled in a good way. We all need to be united together – continued division is not an option. The non-compliance of businesses all over the world is starting to be noticed and to make a difference in demonstrating that we can win back our freedoms when we exercise our rights.
– Explain what you can about their legal position if they refuse entry or service for non-compliance.
– Explain the issue to them anyway.
– Ask them to read this simple text version of  Section 94H of the 1988 Privacy Act.
– Suggest they scan this smart code to view the Act at the Federal Governments Fair Work Commission website:
By the way  the QLD Government has the below to say about its latest great idea for keeping us under their benevolent thumb.

Check In Qld app | Queensland Government

The Check In Qld app is available to download and use to help keep Queenslanders COVID Safe when we’re enjoying venues like pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes across Queensland. The Check In Qld app is a contactless, free, secure and convenient way for customers to sign into a Queensland business.

The Check In Qld app enables Queensland venue operators to easily comply with current directions by enabling customers to self-check-in at venues and have their information stored securely for Queensland Health for contact tracing (if required). Once registered, a QR code and a business starter kit (including QR code posters) will be provided for the venue.