Letter to doctors/nurses administering the jab.

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27 July 2021

Print the below letter to particular doctor/doctors/nurses you know that are administering the jab.

You can send as an email however for the record, printing and sending by registered mail via Australia Post works better!

  1. Download & print the document
  2. Sign the letter
  3. Photocopy it
  4. Put doctors postal address on the envelope
  5. Send as registered post requiring signature by recipient
  6. When you get back the the confirmation of the recipient signature, keep the original safe and send a copy by email to us - [email protected] - this is evidence for future actions.

An example:

Hi [Doctors name],

I feel obligated to inform you as well about the urgency that we all need to learn quickly about the ‘covid’ situation we are all put into.

Below you find a template which is sent to all local doctors and health practitioners.

You are more than welcome to check the accuracy of this information and if you feel you’ve got a duty of care towards your fellow Australians, feel free to use this template.

Best regards,

[Doctor’s Name]

Dear Dr [.....]

Re: COVID 19 Vaccinations

The purpose of this letter is to remind you of your obligations as a medical practitioner under the law in respect to the experimental COVID 19 vaccinations.

You should be aware that none of the vaccine candidates have successfully passed TGA required clinical trials.

No animal trials were conducted before the provisional authorisation of the vaccine. There is no avenue for grandfathering clinical trials in another jurisdiction into Australia quite simply because no jurisdiction has conducted FULL clinical trials.

Animal trials were conducted for previous coronavirus vaccines. The animals died during the clinical trial from pathogenic priming.

These are your responsibilities under the Helsinki declaration. https://www.wma.net/policies-post/wma-declaration-of-helsinki-ethical-principles-for-medical-research-involving-human-subjects/

These are your responsibilities under the Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights http://portal.unesco.org/en/ev.php-URL_ID=31058&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html

These are your responsibilities under Anti- Discrimination Laws which precludes you from refusing to treat a patient with a disability who refuses to wear a mask. https://humanrights.gov.au/complaints/complaint-guides/complaints-under-disability-discrimination-act

These are the laws about vaccinations for a pandemic under the Bio Security Act 2015 (Cth) http://classic.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/consol_act/ba2015156/s92.html

The Australian Constitution s.51(xxiiiA) forbids Commonwealth provision of medical and dental services to require anybody to accept those services. Justice Aickin declared, in relation to the Constitution’s proscription (at s.51[xxiiiA] upon providing medical services in such a way as to authorise civil conscription, that imposing economic pressure through legislation is a form of practical compulsion.

Such economic pressure, in penalising the option of non-consent, renders legally valid consent impossible. Justice Kirby declared that the Constitution (s.51[xxiiiA]) forbids the Australian Government from providing medical and dental services in such a way as to oblige parents to accept those services — an obligation that the Constitution and Kirby classify as “civil conscription” The 10th Edition of the Australian Governments’ Immunisation Handbook Section 2.1.3 states: legally valid consent can occur only “in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation”

Despite the fact the Federal Government has offered doctors and indemnity it is difficult to see how a practitioner employed by the State can avail themselves of an indemnity offered by the Federal Government.

In any event an indemnity does not preclude liability. It just covers costs of defending any action brought against you in court for the death or injury of a patient.

This letter serves as a notice setting out your various legal obligations towards your patients. Your obligations are to your patients, not to the Department of Health.

I thank you for your kind consideration.