Letter to Economics and Governance Committee – Yvette D’ath Misleading of Parliament

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Economics and Governance Committee
Queensland Parliament
Email:[email protected]


To the Committee

RE:  Misleading of Parliament by the Minister for Health Yvette D’ath (Acting as the “Minister”)

It has come to my attention that “under the cover of COVID” the Minister tabled a bill for the extension of emergency powers past the statutory expiry date under the current legislation in Parliament on the 16 June 2021.  In this speech she said that the Bill would be referred to the Health and Environment Committee for review.

The Bill was not sent to the Health and Environment Committee as per her representations but has instead made it to the Economics and Governance Committee list.

We require that you ask the Minister to explain why she made false representations to the parliament and to the people of Queensland and also why you consider that your committee is appropriate to review this bill.  Given that you are a governance committee then you might want to start understanding what proper governance looks like.

She also claimed that this Bill was consistent with Human Rights legislation.  Many Queenslanders do not share that view with the Minister and believe that she is acting against the laws and also is acting ultra vires.  The Minister and her department refuse to release proper evidence and data regarding the “pandemic” and believe that they are fully within their rights to deprive the public of knowledge and facts and for there to be zero accountability.

At this juncture I will remind you that s57 of the Criminal Code Act of Queensland (1899) the “Act” as well as the provisions of s92 “Abuse of Power” under that same Act, seem particularly relevant to these actions taken by the Minister and her Department.  Further if the Economics and Governance Committee fails to inquire of the Minister why the Bill has been referred to them, each Minister on this Committee may also be caught by these provisions of the Act.

It is becoming increasingly apparent to the people of Queensland that their rights are being removed by a government intent on exerting absolute authority without any accountability or transparency.  This is not acceptable and it will not be ignored.  The people of Queensland have been ignored by their representatives for far too long and this must come to an end.

As a further request, we ask that you immediately start an investigation into the use of Konnech in the last state election to determine whether there was any electoral fraud given that Konnech is a CCP backed company without a front office run by Eugene Yu of LJ Communications in Michigan.  We believe Eugene Yu is now based in Brisbane.  Outsourcing of electoral processes to a foreign hostile power does not seem to be a very smart decision for the Queensland Electoral Commission to have made.  It should never have been made and a proper explanation MUST be provided to the people of Queensland.

Also, it has been reported in the news over the last few days that the QR codes which have been made mandatory under unenforceable directives (which are NOT laws) given by an unelected and unaccountable bureaucrat have been used by the QPS to access data. There is also quite a lot of evidence around that the data is being sold through partnerships and collaborations with foreign entities (such as Huawei).  You will find the relationship between certain board directors of Coles and Afiniti quite interesting in that regard.  The data is to not be used for ANYTHING other than contact tracing. It is NOT for sale and it is NOT to be used to profile and categorise people such as the CCP does to its citizens.  The directives are void ab initio for fraud and the people of Queensland would be right to ignore them.

As I am sure I don’t have to tell you this is an egregious abuse of the privacy laws both state and federal AND of US laws (and other laws) relating to the use of US Internet Infrastructure as a service/product.  Selling or using a person’s data without their express informed consent is not acceptable and ILLEGAL and once again this must be reported to the Crime and Corruption Commission and the relevant Privacy Commissioners.  It should technically also be reported to the National Director of Intelligence in the United States.  If you don’t do it, the people of Queensland should.

I request that you refer to these matters to the Crime and Corruption Commission forthwith.