QLD COVID restrictions (29Mar21) – Opinion

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In response to the recent unlawful mandate (March 2021) from the QLD Premier and her team of medical experts here is your recourse if you would prefer not to comply.

If you suffer from anxiety about wearing a mask (which most of us do since it’s harmful, pointless and an abuse of our humans rights) then you are medically exempt.

Under the Privacy Act 1988 you are not obliged to share any medical information with anyone. This means you are not obliged to give the reason for your exemption unless you wish to. If you are issued with an infringement notice it most likely will not hold up in their court.

We are currently consulting with our lawyers and will seek to provide you with Laws and Acts that may be mentioned or quoted in the context of defending your lawful rights.

Please always be respectful of  the police even as you remind them that their job is to provide protection to the public not to enforce unlawful, directives.

You might want to remind business owners and their employees that they may not want to enforce directives or mandates that risk 5 years in prison and/or a $66,600 fine. This most certainly applies when they insist on the download and/or use of the COVIDSafe app or refuse entry or service for non-compliance. You can refer them to Section 94H of the 1988 Privacy Act.

Also please note that the COVIDSafe app will shortly be replaced with the Check In QLD app which looks to be the same app with a new improved name..