Dr Sherri Tenpenny – COVID Course (education)

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The below is quoted directly from Dr Sherri Tenpenny's website vaccineu.com >>

"Our courses on vaccines include  individual vaccines, vaccine ingredients vaccine politics and more.

Our courses on language training and overall health are designed to be APPLICABLE in every area of your life.

You will gain the CONFIDENCE you seek to make correct choices for you and your family.

Courses4Mastery was designed to bring balance to the topic of vaccines: 

  • Our Twice/yr Boot Camp Course
  • Our Research Library
  • Our VaccineU - advanced modules on individual vaccines.

You do NOT need to go through the Boot Camp to access and study the individual courses available at VaccineU.

This information is designed specifically for you - as a parent, a physician, a healthcare worker, a community leader, and a political activist"