Blossom Goodchild – Direct Voice Channeller & Author (people)

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The below quoted directly from Blossoms website where you can see her latest messages and conversations with The Federation of Light, an ‘Off World’ Conscious Light Energy (with whom Blossom began communication in 2005) and ‘White Cloud’, the Native American Indian Spirit with whom Blossom has had almost 20 years of contact. “The secret to an abundant life filled with …

Geert Vanden Bossche statement March 2021

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Read the full article at TheGreatAwakening.Global website >>

Dr Sherri Tenpenny – COVID Course (education)

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The below is quoted directly from Dr Sherri Tenpenny’s website >> “Our courses on vaccines include  individual vaccines, vaccine ingredients vaccine politics and more. Our courses on language training and overall health are designed to be APPLICABLE in every area of your life. You will gain the CONFIDENCE you seek to make correct choices for you and your family. …

Ron Sandilands (commentator) – In My Opinion Newsletter – February 2021

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View this email in your browser Newsletter – February 2021                   Think For Yourself There seem to be only two health problems talked about in Australia today Covid-19 Vaccinations   Which one is more likely to kill you? Covid-19 kills no more people than the annual flu. No country globally has a …

Reignite Democracy (organisation)

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Visit the Reignite Democracy website >> Visit the Reignite Democracy Bitchute channel >> Visit the Reignite Democracy Facebook page >> “Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA) was founded by Monica Smit in response to the Victorian government’s catastrophic handling of the COVID pandemic. Our vision is to empower people by giving them a voice and providing them with honest, timely and truthful …

Avi Yemini (activist)

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See Avi Yemini website See Fight The Fines website See Rebel News website

Dawn Kelly – Police notice (Warwick W.A)

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Visit Dawn Kelly’s website >> “I was Divinely guided to visit the Warwick Police Station to inform them that I will not be wearing a mask. It was important to share this information with them that they may not be aware of. The WESTERN AUSTRALIAN POLICE is a privately owned corporation, an agent of the Corporate State of WESTERN AUSTRALIA …

Tom Barnett (commentator)

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Tom Barnett Youtube channel >> >> Holistic Health Practitioner – SW RICHMOND (BYRON BAY) ELECTORATE – Federal Election 18th May 2019 Politicians are renowned for their words. Tom prefers action over words, questions over answers, common sense over pseudo-science, and the right to freedom of choice over an extortionist dictatorship.  Electing politicians to change politics is an antiquated approach.  …

Links & support letter for Craig Kelly MP (letter)

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Courtesy of the Australian Vaccination Risks Network (AVN) Visit website >> “When it comes to marching in lockstep, the trinity of government, media and pharmaceutical manufacturers don’t miss a beat. That’s why, when one of them takes a step ‘out of turn’, they are flattened by those who feel that no dissent or freedom of speech should be allowed. Craig …

Serene Teffaha (lawyer)

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From website: “ADVOCATE ME NATIONAL CLASS ACTION, LOCKDOWN Advocate Me is taking action in relation to the continuing Declaration of a State of Emergency across Australia and specifically in the States. We are also taking action in relation to the dangers associated with the fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccine approvals. We are also spearheading a number of actions to protect whistle-blowers including police …

Solutions Empowerment (organisation)

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Quoted from website “Free yourself from slavery. The information provided on this website is the accumulation of over 21 years of personal research, application and experience, as well as years of active research initiatives, tested cases and contributions from many other local and international researchers and co pro-activists who are experts in their fields. ‍ This site was created …