Links & support letter for Craig Kelly MP (letter)

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Courtesy of the Australian Vaccination Risks Network (AVN) Visit website >>
"When it comes to marching in lockstep, the trinity of government, media and pharmaceutical manufacturers don't miss a beat. That's why, when one of them takes a step 'out of turn', they are flattened by those who feel that no dissent or freedom of speech should be allowed.

Craig Kelly, Federal Member for the Electorate of Hughes, is a hero to many in Australia. Since nearly the beginning of the COVID situation, he has been asking why doctors in Australia are unable to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin - both of which have been shown in multiple studies to be nearly 100% effective at preventing serious illness and even death from infection.

The feeding frenzy reached a peak today with calls to kick Mr Kelly out of the party and indeed, out of Parliament.
He has taken great personal risks to support our right to know about safe, effective and inexpensive treatments and preventatives for the pandemic. If the government were to listen to his information - all of which is backed by the science - we would not currently be looking at mass use of an experimental genetic modification device (Pfizer and Moderna) or a COVID vaccine (AstraZenica) for Australia because it would not be necessary.
Can you help by writing a letter to Mr Kelly, thanking him for his ethical and courageous stance?
If you can also write to the Hon Scott Morrisson, the Prime Minister, and the Hon Greg Hunt, the Federal Minister for Health as well as your local media outlets (TV, Radio and Newspaper) stating something along the lines of why censoring debate on this issue is not only anti-democratic but also can be dangerous since there are scientifically-proven alternatives that the government and medical authorities are currently suppressing access to.
Your letters do not need to be long, but they do need to be FAST! Time is of the essence.
Here are some references you can include in your letters: