Sovereignty (editorial)

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There are differing opinions about the legitimacy of Personal Sovereignty. Understandably, most men and women look at sovereignty with a favorable view. As a way forward for men and women, it is highly attractive since it seems to offer levels of freedom, autonomy, and independence that go way beyond the status-quo.

Winners and loosers

The concept of the Sovereign Citizen poses a serious financial threat to many government-corporate establishments and agencies. Its most vocal and aggressive opponents and detractors include police, lawyers, and public service officers.

Bodies or individuals such as state government, local government local, and councils - in fact just about anybody that has a vested interest in the collection of tariffs, taxes, rates, tolls, fines, and fees for legal services, will resist the notion that Citizen Sovereignty has validity. These organs stand to loose much, if not all, of their income, reputation, importance, necessity, and standing in the community as more men and woman move to extricate themselves and their children from the grips of the establishment. In the long term the winners will be those who move ahead to achieve self-sovereignty and become free citizens of planet earth.

Future of public services

The public service in particular is in great danger from this type of dissent as most government officials - local, state and federal exist to administer to collect the various fees for compliance and indeed, non-compliance. If you happen to work for any of the above, the nature of your job may change or you may become redundant at some point in the future. Now might be a good time to embrace the inevitable and find your place in the new sovereign age. As men and women discover that they actually do have rights to self government they will exercise them.

Lawyers & money

An example of a businesses that will loose out heavily in the sovereign age are law firms. In our research we found lawyers actively campaigning to debunk the idea of sovereignty. This firm also interestingly has a lighthouse and a ships wheel as their company logo suggesting a strong tie with Maritime Law - another bone of contention in peoples 'standing' as chattels of the globalist cabal. See what this particular law firm has say about sovereignty here >>. A word of warning - if you intend to pursue your own sovereignty do not expect and ordinary lawyer to support you in the endeavor.