Silent Vigil 31 August

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ACTION INFO (posted 23 July 2021) Silent Vigil 31 August Click the image to download a printable PDF of the flyer. Print off at least 50 of these A4 sheets and cut in half to A5 size; distribute them under windscreens and wherever you think they will be picked up and read. We want to gather at least 4000+ people …

Decline: Vaxx / PCR / Mask – Templates from Serene Teffaha

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24 July 2021 Templates from Serene Teffaha – Decline: Vaxx / PCR / Mask Click the link & share share share! >>

Reignite Democracy (organisation)

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Visit the Reignite Democracy website >> Visit the Reignite Democracy Bitchute channel >> Visit the Reignite Democracy Facebook page >> “Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA) was founded by Monica Smit in response to the Victorian government’s catastrophic handling of the COVID pandemic. Our vision is to empower people by giving them a voice and providing them with honest, timely and truthful …

Avi Yemini (activist)

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See Avi Yemini website See Fight The Fines website See Rebel News website

Make Australia Healthy Again (organisation)

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15 Feb 2021 – Class Action in the High Court of Australia – No to coercive and mandatory vaccination and loss of rights. Read more here >> The below quoted directly from the Make Australia Healthy Again website>> “Let’s make our children safe The Australian Government is now coercing Australians to inject poisonous untested vaccines (see our Press Release on …

Dawn Kelly – Police notice (Warwick W.A)

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Visit Dawn Kelly’s website >> “I was Divinely guided to visit the Warwick Police Station to inform them that I will not be wearing a mask. It was important to share this information with them that they may not be aware of. The WESTERN AUSTRALIAN POLICE is a privately owned corporation, an agent of the Corporate State of WESTERN AUSTRALIA …

Aussie Patriots Roll (organisation)

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Quoted from Aussie Patriots Roll website >> “Aussie Patriots Roll is working towards removing ALL Career politicians, their Corporate Political Parties and their Corporate Governments from Our parliaments. We believe We must Unite and do whatever it takes to Restore Our Lawful Constitution, Our Common Law and Humans rights which have systematically been taken away from Australia and Australians by successive …

Tom Barnett (commentator)

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Tom Barnett Youtube channel >> >> Holistic Health Practitioner – SW RICHMOND (BYRON BAY) ELECTORATE – Federal Election 18th May 2019 Politicians are renowned for their words. Tom prefers action over words, questions over answers, common sense over pseudo-science, and the right to freedom of choice over an extortionist dictatorship.  Electing politicians to change politics is an antiquated approach.  …

Sovereignty (editorial)

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There are differing opinions about the legitimacy of Personal Sovereignty. Understandably, most men and women look at sovereignty with a favorable view. As a way forward for men and women, it is highly attractive since it seems to offer levels of freedom, autonomy, and independence that go way beyond the status-quo. Winners and loosers The concept of the Sovereign Citizen …