Aussie Patriots Roll (organisation)

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"Aussie Patriots Roll is working towards removing ALL Career politicians, their Corporate Political Parties and their Corporate Governments from Our parliaments.

We believe We must Unite and do whatever it takes to Restore Our Lawful Constitution, Our Common Law and Humans rights which have systematically been taken away from Australia and Australians by successive parliaments of Career Politicians and Corporate Political Parties.

We believe most Australians want to take back Australia for Australians and Fully Restore Our Lawful and Common Law rights, but they don’t know how to start or help.

We believe We must establish working groups Australia wide to formulate the best way to shape a strategy to bring about the end of Our current Un-Australian Foreign registered Corporate Federal and State Governments. We now have Aussie Patriot groups in most states and territories.

We believe We must move quickly to take charge and secure Our commonwealth assets, resources, and Aussie way of life for our future generations.

Time to Lawfully Rebel and join the Aussie Patriots roll to do whatever it takes to get Our Australia back for ALL Australians"