Solutions Empowerment (organisation)

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Quoted from website

"Free yourself from slavery.

The information provided on this website is the accumulation of over 21 years of personal research, application and experience, as well as years of active research initiatives, tested cases and contributions from many other local and international researchers and co pro-activists who are experts in their fields.

This site was created due to the overwhelming demand from people searching for easy to apply solutions to ever increasing financial, legal and judicial oppression and to attain a better understanding of what remaining rights one has and how to apply them.

This website provides you with information, resources and templates to help you tackle the ever increasing burden of financial debts and liabilities, banking issues, fines, court appointments, driving offences, taxation obligations and other matters including suveran rights and vaccinations.

As part of our commitment to assisting everyday people to find solutions to these matters, we offer a range of self-help products,  fortnightly webinars and modules that can be bought through our shop. These products and services can be accessed through our membership community.‍"