Fight the Fines Australia (lawyer/fundraing)

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Quoted from the Rebel News / Fight the Fines website >>

"Every single day we’re hearing stories of law-abiding citizens — families, really — who are being ticketed and fined by overzealous police.

Enough is enough!

We decided to crowdfund lawyers for Australians who want to fight back against their outrageous tickets.


We want to help turn the tide against the abusive fines and lockdowns that have negatively affected so many people.

We are going to fight for Australia's civil rights.

We believe that there are some reasonable limits that the public accepts to fight this pandemic. But whether it’s overzealous inspectors, police who just don’t understand the new rules, bureaucrats trying to scare the public, or politicians enjoying their “emergency” powers a little too much, there are so many unreasonable fines out there, someone has to defend our civil liberties."