Petition (AU GOV) – Stop Vaccine Passports

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URGENT response needed - as National Cabinet is working on the ‘Digital Vaccine Passport’ to become mandatory. Please sign this petition & pass it onto your circles /network asap if you want the Government to commit to NOT rolling out of any e-vaccination/status/immunity passport.

Petition EN2463 - Government to commit no rolling out any e-vaccination status/immunity passport

If more than 20,000 signatures are gathered before 14 April, this agenda cannot just be passed but will need to be heard as a Bill in the House of Reps & debated & then go to the Senate inquiry in Parliament. If this flight strategy is not stopped, it can spread to create a divided Australian community, ie not just blocking of flights on any airline but then to shops & all other public areas of life.

Please sign this petition, as all that evil needs in order to prevail, is for good people to do nothing.