Submission Against Extending QLD SOE Powers to April 2022

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Economics and Governance Committee
Queensland Parliament
Email: [email protected]

Dear Committee:

Re: Extension of Emergency Powers.

Re: Concerns over Yvette D’ath, Minister for Health’s tabled bill for (Further Extension of Expiring Provisions) Amendment Bill 2021.

I seek your Committee’s and also that of the Minister for Health Yvette D’arth’s explanation regarding the following matters listed below;

(1) how it is possible that Minister D’arth (‘The Minister’) was able to legally table a Bill for the extension of emergency powers that go past the statutory expiry date under current legislation in Parliament on the 16 June 2021;

(2) why The Minister told the people of Queensland and her colleagues in Parliament that her proposed Bill would go to the Health and Environment Committee but sent it instead to your committee, the Economics and Governance Committee;

(3) how is it appropriate for your committee to review it and not the Health and Environment Committee;

(4) how The Minister justifies that this Bill is consistent with Human Rights legislation and what evidence has been made public to support this claim as well as proof that The Minister is acting within her legal authority;

(5) that at no point has The Minister or your Committee acted against the over-riding law, the Constitution of Australia, in regards to the Amendment Bill 2021;

(6) that the mandating of QR codes are legal and cannot be challenged and overturned by an over-riding law, nor used by any other body outside what was directed, thereby flouting relevant privacy laws etc.

If any of these concerns listed above have been considered as outside of the laws and rights of Queenslanders, I request that you refer such breaches to the relevant bodies that deal with privacy and crime and corruption.

Yours Sincerely…..
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